Creating your Color account and Activating your tests

Activating your Color account for COVID-19 testing is a multi-step process. 

  1. Create your Color Account

  2. Activate a Test Kit 

Create and confirm your Color account. Before you come to campus, visit and create your account using your Harvard email address. Log in to your Harvard email to confirm your color account.

If you have multiple Harvard email accounts, login into Crimson Clear using your Harvard Key: to check which account Color has on file. Once you login, scroll down to the Covid Testing Information screen. You should see your Color Provisioning email here. This is the email to use for your Color account. 

  • If you have difficulty creating your Color account and are using the email listed in Crimson Clear as your provisioning email address, please contact with a screen shot of the error you receive for support
  • If you did not receive your Color activation email at your provisioning email address, contact
  • If you are having technical difficulties with your color account, please see the Color End User Support FAQ

Please see Keep Harvard Healthy – Testing & Tracing for more details on testing cadences, or check your cadence in Crimson Clear.

  1. Activate your kit. When you're on campus and required to test, your test kit must be activated. Sign in to using your newly confirmed credentials.
  2. Complete the pre-test survey. You will be asked to indicate any symptoms and some medical conditions.
  3. Review the information about positive and negative test results. Complete the acknowledgements on the next page.
  4. Complete the form and add the requested personal information: Review and confirm that all of your personal information is correct before submitting.
  5. Type in your bar code and accession number. 
  6. Complete your self-swab nasal test. View this video to learn how to self-swab and visit Keep Harvard Health's Testing & Tracing page for more details on testing cadences or other questions.
  7. Drop off your test kit. You can drop your test kit off at any University test kit drop off site you as long as you have access to the building. Only you should drop off your completed test kit for personal safety.
  8. Color will notify you of your test results. You will get an email and text notification with your results when ready. If your test comes back positive or inconclusive, additional instructions will follow.