Department Covid-19 Antigen Test Orders (for Department Administrators)

Harvard's optional Color PCR testing program ended on September 16, 2022.  No additional PCR kits can be ordered. If you have PCR tests in your department, please hold onto those for the time being.

A limited stock of 50 antigen tests will be delivered to departments the week of Oct. 3, 2022 by Harvard University Mail Services. These tests are NOT replacing the PCR testing program and are to only be used for the following, at the Department Administrator's discretion:

  • Invited visitors
  • Invited speakers
  • Invited performers 
  • Incoming international affiliates who who not have access to antigen tests through domestic US insurance.

When you have fewer than 15 antigen test kits, contact your building manager to arrange for additional kits. If you need more than your buiding manager can provide or need antigen tests for a specific event, use the FAS Test Order Form to request more tests. You will be responsible for the cost of these tests. Please request these tests once a month, at the beginning of the month.

Contact Sabrina Joaquim ( or Matt Stec ( in the Office of Physical Resources and Planning if you have any questions about the test kit ordering process.