Ordering All Types of Masks (for Department Administrators)

Harvard and the FAS continue to require masks indoors, regardless of vaccination status, to ensure the safety of our community. All community members should plan to wear a medical-grade mask whenever indoors in accordance with the FAS Mask Policy.

January 20, 2022 update on Mask Policy regarding using your own N95 mask: https://www.ehs.harvard.edu/covid-19-resources/ehs-resource-updates

As a reminder, Harvard is requiring all students, faculty, staff, and researchers to have received a COVID booster by January 31, or 30 days after an individual becomes eligible for the booster.

Verify Your Booster Status: Once you have received your booster, please report it to HUHS. You can find detailed instructions for submitting your verification on the Verify Your Booster webpage.

Mask indoors and wear your mask properly, fitting securely over your nose, mouth, and chin. Ensure a secure fit around all mask edges. We encourage the use of high-quality disposable masks, worn in a way that minimizes air gaps around the edges. A surgical-style mask or a cup-style protective mask such as KN-95, layered under a form-fitting fabric mask, can ensure good filtration as well as an effective seal. ASTM- or FDA-accepted masks offer greater assurance of filtration quality. Remove your mask only around your household/suite if possible. Use common sense when outdoors. Wear a mask if you’re in a crowd or close to another’s face. If unvaccinated, you’re required to mask outdoors whenever you’re within 6 feet of other people; you must also maintain distance from others when dining indoors.

Department administrators (or their designees) ONLY are responsible for ordering masks for their department through WB Mason.

Masks ONLY should be charged to Tub.Org.6640.Fund.600159.0004.00000. Admin Ops will reimburse departments for mask charges quarterly. Please contact FAS Procurement at Adminops-procurement@fas.harvard.edu with any specific ordering questions. Please remember to split code your requisition in B2P so that only masks are charged to this new coding. 

Ordering Regular Masks

FAS approved masks are item # NWLMASK3PLYDIS in WB Mason, and can be found by selecting Favorites > Masks and Gloves items within the WB Mason punch out store in Buy2Pay. The image below depicts the favorites page for mask orders in WB Mason:

This image depicts the favorites page in the WB Mason store for approved masks


Ordering Clear Face Masks for Classroom Instruction

Clear masks are available for language departments for instructional purposes where language, pronunciation, or vocalization are key components of the classroom. Clear masks for non-language departments are available when approved by the Academic Continuity Group.

If you need a clear mask because of an accomodation contact University Disability Resources (faculty) or Accessible Education Office (TF grad student), and visit the UDS resources on support for individuals with hearing loss. If you need a clear mask for pedagogical reasons, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Education at oue@fas.harvard.edu for approval before ordering them. After approval has been given, please follow these instructions below to order masks through Buy2Pay. 

EH&S recommends either of these two types of clear masks:

Safe'N'Clear mask orders

  • 2 Ordering Options:
    • 1 box $60 (40 masks) Item# FM-86000-1
    • 1 Case $540 (10 boxes/400masks) Item# FM-86000-10
  • Enter Masks Chart of Accounts cost string:
    • Masks ONLY should be charged to Tub.Org.6640.Fund.600159.0004.00000

Please note: Safe 'N' Clear will invoice AP directly with the PO# on the invoice.

BendShape mask orders:

  • Ordering Options: 
    • Use size chart to select mask type/size. Then, input item #, quantity and cost per pack in Non-catalog PO
      • 3pk for $6
      • 25pk for $150
  • Enter Masks Chart of Accounts cost string:
    • Masks ONLY should be charged to Tub.Org.6640.Fund.600159.0004.00000


Ordering KN95 Masks

Adding to our health and safety options of high-quality disposable masks, the FAS now has a KN95 option available for purchase from WeShield. KN95 masks are not in lieu of the current mask guidance as that remains the same but just an addition to the current mask offerings of 3-ply surgical mask and approved clear masks.

Below are the ordering instructions for the KN95 masks from WeShield:

  • Email Greg Zarzour - gzarzour@weshield.us for a quote & current lead-time
    • Powecom KN95 mask – item# 25023-10-KN95P
      • Can be used up to 5x but personal judgement is needed based on how long the mask is worn each day and how much time spent in public
    • 10masks/bag or 1000masks (100 bags)/carton (Currently $1 per masks but can increase due to demand)
  • Set up a non-catalog PO in Buy2Pay
  • Select Assure Global LLC (D.B.A WeShield) as the supplier
  • Ensure distribution is set to email - gzarzour@weshield.us
  • Enter Masks Chart of Accounts cost string:
    • Masks ONLY should be charged to Tub.Org.6640.Fund.600159.0004.00000

If you have any questions, please contact FAS Director of Procurement, Sean McQuarrie (smcquarrie@fas.harvard.edu) or FAS Procurement (Adminops-procurement@fas.Harvard.edu)