Updated Space Prioritization and Visitor Guidance for Spring 2022

In March, FAS Dean Claudine Gay announced an ambitious planning goal to restart all campus-based activities safely this fall.  The following guidance is informed by the fact that a larger than average number of students is anticipated on campus this fall, and there will be health and safety compliance considerations due to the ongoing pandemic.

Space Prioritization

We will need the full stock of classroom spaces to accommodate our on-campus teaching activities, which will likely include an increased number of sections.  Therefore, allocation of FAS classroom spaces will prioritize operations that directly support our in-person teaching and research activities.

Gatherings that bring external parties to campus will be considered a secondary priority and no space will be made available for them until the space assignments for courses and sections have been completed.  In practice this will mean that events like academic conferences are unlikely to be prioritized for space access.

Policy for Visitors

Please see the Updated FAS Visitor Guidance page for the most up to date information about Spring 2022 visitors.

Divisional Approval

Approvals will be handled at the Divisional/SEAS or unit level.  Given that both FAS and University policies are still under development, it is important to consult early with your Division/SEAS or unit about the desired activity so that community health, space use, and the impact on our campus-based teaching and research can be thoughtfully considered.

Updated January 28, 2022