Test kit drop off and pick up locations

Test kits will be available for the FAS Community to pick up at FAS locations indicated on the University Drop Off map.

  • Science Center, 1 Oxford Street, near the security desk. Pick up and drop off location.
  • Northwest Labs, 52 Oxford Street, at the main entrance (facing the museums) - test kit pickup table is located in the corridor behind the test kit drop off table in the L1 south lobby. Pick up and drop off location. Over holiday break, this building is swipe access only, but a guard will allow you in 24/7.
  • Knafel Building, CGIS North, 1737 Cambridge Street. Pick up only location. 
  • Barker Center, 12 Quincy Street. Pick up only location. 
  • Lamont Library, 11 Quincy Street. Pick up and drop off location. Test kit pick up for FAS is at the main guard entrance in Lamont.

Harvard College Students and Residential Staff: Pick up test kits at your building manager's office (students affiliated with Houses) or Yard Ops in the basement of Weld Hall (first year students, Dudley Community students, Visiting Undergraduate Students). These sites are for College use only. 

Test kits are also dropped off to most departments on Wednesdays by Harvard University Mail Services - ask your Department Administrator where to find these test kits in your department. FAS community members should test according to their cadence

Upon resuming regular on-campus work or activities, generally speaking vaccinated returning staff will test once per week.  Please see Keep Harvard Healthy – Testing & Tracing for more details on testing cadences, or check your cadence in Crimson Clear.

Only drop off completed tests at locations on the University Drop Off map and please be aware of the last pick up time listed at each drop off location. Do not drop test kits in University mail.