Adding or Changing an individual in the University's testing program (for Department Administrators)

    Adding or Changing Staff, Faculty, or POI Testing Groups

    Please reach out to your divisional representative below to add an individual to the University's testing program, or change an individual's testing group in the program. Include the name, HUID, testing group, and effective date (if different from today's date) for your additions and changes. Some local units have forms to request changes which can be found in the grid below.

    If you are requesting a new hire in the testing program, they must have an appointment in Aurora with a HUID to be added into the testing program. Please request a testing group for your new hires before their start date / first day on campus.  The process to add an individual to Harvard's testing program takes one business day to process. Please provide your new hire with instructions on how to create a Color account.

    If you have an employee or POI terminate from the University, the action of processing their termination will also remove them from the testing program, so long as they have no other active appointments at the University.


    Contact / Email

    Administration & Finance

    Arts & Humanities Division


    Jennifer Callahan,
    Lydia Alvita,

    College Undergraduates

    College Non-Residential Staff Sheila Thimba,
    College Return to Work on Campus Form
    College Residential Staff Lauren Brandt,

    DCE Staff & Instructors

    John Langridge,

    DCE Students

    Enrollment Requirements team at DCE,

    Physical Resources Staff and POIs

    Mary Trainor,

    GSAS Staff & Graduate Students

    Museums Please contact your DA. DAs, please contact your Divisional testing coordinator on this list.

    Science Division

    Taylor Chang,
    Science Division Testing Program form

    Social Science Division

    Jennifer Shephard,
    Social Science Division Testing Program form