Updated FAS Visitor Guidance for Fall 2021

Effective Monday, July 26, 2021 for the FAS, official, Harvard-sponsored visitors to the FAS, which may include individuals in the following categories, will be allowed on Harvard’s campus: visiting scholars*, speakers, VIPs, students, researchers, and collaborators from other academic institutions, academic and staff job candidates, and human subjects participating in research.

*Visiting scholars with appointments in Aurora have been permitted on campus under the same conditions as other Harvard personnel. 

As noted in the University’s guidance for all official visitors:

In determining whether to bring guests to campus, schools and units should evaluate their ability to successfully adhere to the following guidance and that provided within Tables 1 and 2 [of “Keep Harvard Healthy”]:

  • All Official Visitors must be informed and abide by current University policies.
  • Schools and Units may consider keeping logs for when Official Visitors were on-site to aid in contact tracing efforts.”

In addition, please note the following University requirements for, respectively, short-term (i.e., 7 days or less) and long-term (i.e., more than 7 days) visitors.

Visitors that will be on campus for 7 days or less must:

  • Follow CDC recommendations for domestic and international travel.
  • Monitor their health and not come to campus if they are not feeling well.

Visitors who will be on campus for more than 7 days must:


  • Must have an appointment or be added to Harvard’s system as Persons of Interest (POI) as applicable. Temporary Harvard University ID must be issued.
  • Review Harvard COVID-19 training.
  • Enroll in the University’s testing program and follow the testing requirements listed below.
  • Attest to the presence of any COVID-19 symptoms prior to campus activities. Visitors with COVID-19 symptoms, recent COVID-19 exposure, or a COVID-19 diagnosis, must document a formal attestation using Crimson Clear, a web-based app that is accessed using HarvardKey.

Testing Requirements for visitors who will be on campus for more than 7 days:

  • Visitors must adhere to Harvard guidelines for returning travelers as outlined in the Harvard University Guidance for On-Campus Activity. Communicate vaccination status as appropriate for the purposes of determining arrival quarantine and testing requirement. Keep documentation of vaccine readily available in the event of an exposure or other public health need.
  • Once released from quarantine, testing schedule will be based on program/visit duration and departmental and residential cadence.

Please Note: Other Harvard Schools and Units may have additional requirements and restrictions concerning visitors.


Please feel free to consult the Harvard University Guidance for on Campus Activity for additional guidance regarding on-campus activity, including events and gathering, room and space use (including eating and drinking), and much more. Thank you for your help in keeping our campus safe during the ongoing pandemic.