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Led by the Dean of Administration and Finance, FAS administrative functions are comprised of eight administrative, planning, and strategy departments. Each department is led by a member of the Administration and Finance Leadership Team.

Administrative Operations

Administrative Operations Website

Administrative Operations supports the administrative functions of the FAS faculty and staff in collaboration with the other FAS and University central administrative offices by providing training and guidance across a number of functions including system and policy implementations, change management, risk management, and procurement and card services.

Interim Dean for Administration and Finance, Associate Dean of Administrative Operations: Mary Ann Bradley

Animal Resources

Office of Animal Resources Website

The Office of Animal Resources (OAR) is the central animal care department for Harvard's FAS campus. Services provided by OAR include: research animal procurement from commercial vendors, import of animals from and export of animals to academic institutions; daily animal care and health assessment; veterinary care; infectious disease monitoring; animal quarantine; and research model/protocol consultation.

Director: Kathleen Pritchett-Corning


FAS Office of Finance Website

FAS Office of Finance, in partnership with the University, supports the mission and strategic objectives of the Faculty of Arts & Sciences.  We promote an environment of financial integrity to safeguard assets, enable optimal use of resources, and facilitate informed decision making. In collaboration with FAS and University communities, we act as financial stewards to provide high-quality, timely, and accurate services to FAS leadership, faculty, staff, and students.

Associate Dean: Jay Herlihy

Human Resources


FAS Human Resources works to attract, develop and engage a diverse, talented staff committed to excellence and mutual respect, and to create a collaborative and inclusive work environment that contributes to the sustainability of the FAS community and supports the FAS teaching and research mission.

Associate Dean: Tiffany Jadotte

Education and Support Services

Educational Support Services Website

Education Support Services provides recording, multimedia technology, and media production services, as well as room descriptions and scheduling info.

Director: Joya Sengupta

Physical Resources & Planning

Office of Physical Resources and Planning Website

The Office of Physical Resources & Planning (OPRP) ensures that the campus supports the research, teaching and student life of the Faculty of Arts and Sciences. We provide complete and integrated planning and design services, construction management, and building renewal, maintenance and operations management to maintain the excellence and heritage of the physical environment.

Associate Dean: Zak Gingo

Research Administration Services

Research Administration Services Website

Research Administration Services (RAS) supports the research and scholarly activities of FAS & SEAS faculty in collaboration with research and administrative staff by providing development and administrative services.

Associate Dean: Lauren Ferrell or